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Don’t Fit

Ever feel like a round peg trying to be shoved into a square hole? Maybe no one seems to get you all the time. You feel restless, emotional, emotionless or even crazy. Well, it’s not your fault and you’re not crazy.

I’ve felt the same way. And it’s okay, especially once you realise why. It’s probably because you and I are creative types. We hunger for things no one else does, are inspired by things people scoff at or shake their heads at. We want to build things with our hands, make sounds with our vocal chords, create shapes with our bodies, pen worlds that don’t exist yet and most importantly, we want to love the unloveable.

We have a need to create in a world built for consumption. That’s why we don’t “fit.”

It’s time to break out and start making the world a safe place for creatives. 

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